May 3, 2018

We had an enthusiastic group of attendees last night at Arlington Community Education to hear about the promise of blockchain technology.  Thanks to the team at ACE for making it happen!

A Successful Seminar!​ February 20, 2018

Thanks to the Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives for hosting BlocAlt at the annual CESSE CEO Meeting and the opportunity to share the hope blockchain technology can bring to developing economies. 

Doug McCalmont Representing BlocAlt at the 2018 CESSE CEO Meeting

2018 CESSE CEO Meeting, Monday, February 19, 2018

The Westin Cape Coral Resort At Marina Village, Cape Coral, Florida


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Educational Session 1.2: On our Radar:  Potential Blockchain Applications for Associations  - Tarpon Point Ballroom 4

Originally developed as a decentralized, digitized and public ledger for the virtual currency Bitcoin, Blockchain technology creates a permanent, traceable public record through distributed ledger technology (DLT).  Each new “block” is inserted into the blockchain as a permanent database, in chronological order, and contains authorship markers, enabling verification across a community.

While developed as an accounting system for Bitcoin, Blockchain technology could be leveraged for many distributed systems that rely on collaboration and verification.   Join us as a panel of experts, led by Kevin Marvel, explore the implications of blockchain technology in the non-profit sector, from transparent finances, to facilitating expertise databases, to peer-review and publishing.

Moderated by: Kevin Marvel, Ph.D., CAE, Executive Officer, American Astronomical Society



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